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todayy i wake up earlier than before , idk why ? haha . mybe aku buang tabiat kot . after I woke up , i slept again for 1 hour . I'm really tired last night because a lot of work to do like do some jobs , exercising at gym & also eating subway . haa . after i wake up , my brother ask me to watching movie with family at Brem Mall . so , I follow them . act i want to watch Hantu Kak Limah balik rumah because many people say that the movie was veryy funny . dgn penuh harapan nye movie tuh ade lh kt situ . then , the ladiescashier or wateva said ; sorry adek cerita tuh tkdelah . manyy people come there to watch that movie . our family also . my family decide lh to watch ngankung . haha . I dont watch that because already watch it *comment about the movie ; can be watch by all the age , very funny . so , I would like to watch Narnia 3D alone . the story not so good because it dont have subtitle you know ? damn suck right . act i cant understand what they talking about . haha * ayt aku ade mcm essay BI tk ? *try to improve my english subject
p/s ; jangan tengok , TAKK BEST 

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