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01 June 2011 ♥

Heyy guys and wassup , Today I gonna share Photo Hangout with my sibblings 

1# Okay , firstly me and my friend hang at Pasar Bandar Baru Sentul* . Only Arep , Zeenat Tajahdin , Akma was there . We started open our story and get laugh .
*Only normal place
2#Hangout at Pavilion , Bukit Bintang . Pergi tgk wyg Kungfu Panda2 at Pavi* Then , pergi shopping kasut kungfu & baju at BB . Aku beli kasut kungfu sempena tgk cite Panda tu lah . Hahaha
*The movie super really awesome/sempoi
3#Thats my friends who are hangout with me* :)
*from left ; Shahmi , Arep , Sherol , Faly 
4# After watch movie , pekena JCo doughnut sat . Then teros balek

The End .*ayt aku sumpa pelik --'

Adopted sister's birthday :/

Okay today (31May2011) is Noorehan Zainal birthday , She is my adopted sis . I know she since I'm form 2 mybe , I get know about she from Myspace . We chitchat and talk about ourself and so on lah , She is really caring about me and she also cute&beutifull :)

Happy birthday sis , I Love You 


It's my birthday 27May2011

Heyy yo , today is my birthday . My age become more older than before . Now I'm 16 y/o dude ,  I really thanks to Allah becuase give me more chance to stay alive in this world . And I want keep saying Thanks for who wish for me and give me present on my birthday . My wish for this year is I want to get A's all in my subject that I study now *I hope it's just not a dream , and I want it become true . Okay that's all that I would like to share with you guys :)

Now I'm16 y/o =='